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Outside Dia. = 1.475
1.850 = 200lbs.
1.825 = 210lbs.
1.800 = 220lbs.
1.200 = 450lbs.
1.020 = Coil Bind

Requests for 200 horsepower cams and valve springs for large cubic inch Harleys just keep pouring in! As we all know, our competition has never even reached
the 150 HP level we reached last year, for street bikes on pump gas. KNIGHT PROWLERS Never Sleep!
In order to meet future challenges we decided to release our new, Huge .750 Lift cams with 276° duration that will again keep KNIGHT PROWLER® Cams the
absolute leader for high performance street bikes for quite some time.
In order to meet this new challenge, our KNIGHT PROWLER® Cams needed a new type of valve spring to control these fast ramp-high lift cams that never seem
to run out of power.
Every spring that is manufactured for our KNIGHT PROWLER® Cams comes from PSI with wire that is made from the highest quality Chrome-Silicone alloys.
The hard to find rod material for these alloys is 100% Kobe steel, long considered necessary to manufacture the cleanest, purest valve spring available in the world.
Max Life Surface Preparation KNIGHT PROWLER® Valve Springs have an optional, proprietary, multi-step, surface enhancement process that has been proven to increase a spring’s endurance limit. This process can be applied to any level of the KNIGHT PROWLER® series of springs. It is a very beneficial process for those looking for an increase in endurance while maintaining their existing setup.

FOR ALL 2005 - 2012 TWIN CAM ONLY W-160-PSW-7L:
Outside Dia. = 1.400
1.900 = 170lbs.
1.875 = 178lbs.
1.850 = 187lbs.
1.300 = 368lbs.
1.230 = Coil Bind

Stock 2005 & up T-Cam Heads are different from 2004 and earlier heads. Valve Springs are BeeHive type with only 130lbs on the seat and have 7mm valve stems. 1.800 Int and 1.575 Ex valves That Rotate Inside the Valve Locks.
Wood Performance and Only Wood Performance has stepped up to the plate to give our customers the absolute latest and best kept secrets in NASCAR valve train technology, and incorporated it into our latest W160-PSW-7L KNIGHT PROWLER® Valve Springs.

1. Advanced 1200 series heat-treating process
2. Additional 1500 series nitriding process
3. PSW Proprietary multi-step surface enhancement process for endurance
4. Proprietary Wood Performance 7deg, 7mm single groove Posi-Lock valve keepers
5. 7deg, 7mm Titanium Posi-Lock retainers (no valve rotation in valve locks)
6. Plug & Play springs handle .600 lift and still have .060+ seal to retainer clearance.
7. No shims or cutting of valve guides required – Uses stock seals and spring seat

Outside Dia. = 1.445
1.850 = 160lbs.
1.800 = 180lbs.
1.775 = 190lbs.
1.200 = 430lbs.
1.040 = Coil Bind

Outside Dia. = 1.445
1.850 - 188lbs.
1.825 = 198lbs.
1.800 = 208lbs.
1.200 = 450lbs.
1.060 = Coil Bind

Bob Wood of Wood Performance Carburetors, an innovator of the KNIGHT PROWLER® CAMSHAFTS, is a 2-time NHRA national record holder, Fuel Funny
Cars etc. He spent over two years in research and testing trying to find valve springs that were specifically designed for EVO/TWIN-CAM bikes including his own KNIGHT PROWLER® CAMS. There weren’t any out there to meet our criteria.
We needed a special valve spring that would meet every possible condition they were exposed to. From a simple BOLT-IN application, every day street and tour rider, to a ground-pounding, tire-smoking EVO/TWIN- CAM using a .750 lift KNIGHT PROWLER® CAM for maximum street performance.
Indeed our research paid off when we discovered the coveted, well kept secret of what particular type of valve springs are being used by most Winston Cup race teams, including the national champ. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a valve spring that can run 8,500 rpm + with high lift cams for 500 miles with no signs of fatigue would be perfect for 99.99% of our customers.
Yes, we needed this particular spring to be redesigned for our KNIGHT PROWLER® CUSTOMERS. The results are ENDURANCE and LONG LASTING performance with absolutely NO LIMITATIONS.

As spring technology progresses, a very new and unique heat treat process has been added to our Famous KNIGHT PROWLER® High Lift Valve Springs. Realizing the demand for higher lift cams was on the rise, we had PSI incorporate this new process into our new 1200 Series springs. An unparalleled result yielded a 250% increase in strength and durability over our already unmatched W160 Springs. We realize that these springs are an overkill for the average
hot rod Harley.
However, like time, things change. The demand for bigger engines, higher compression and high lift cams is here to stay! High Lift-Short Duration cams are our “Exclusive Signature”. Keeping our KNIGHT PROWLERS Number One is our main goal – and Yes a new super high lift (.750) KNIGHT PROWLER® has just been released, and is on the prowl now!
All of our KNIGHT PROWLER® valve springs come with custom made (to our specifications) titanium retainers with a special .070 inner-spring shelf and a zero fit inner and outer spring register. They are topped off with 10º valve locks that can be used with or without lash caps. Also included are steel heat- treated stock diameter spring seats.